81565893 532657263987894 3887350345281568768 nThe foundation stone was laid on 30.12.2019 for the Rural Water Project at Dombagammana with the patronage of Hon. Vasudeva Nanayakkara, State Minister of Urban Development, Water Supply and Housing Facilities, in order to fulfill the need for drinking water for the villagers resettled in Dombagammana due to flood and landslides occurred in the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Nivithigala in 2017.

Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, District Secretary, Mr. S.W.D.C. Samarasekera, Divisional Secretary of Nivithigala, Mr. Muditha Manjula, Assistant Director (Disaster) together with Public Officers, members of Political Authority, Project Officers and villagers participated in this ceremony.

20190726 095451The Ratnapura District celebration of National Mediation Day was held with the patronage of Hon. Thalatha Athukorala, Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms, on 26.07.2019 at Kethumathi Reception Hall.

Leaflets and the banner were handed over to the Chairman of the Mediation Board Ratnapura to mark the commencement of the district community awareness programme which is to be implemented island-wide in parallel to the National Mediation Day.

Ven. Kuppiyawaththe Bodhananda Thero escorted by Maha Sangha, former Members of the P.C. Mr. Yehiya M. Iflar, Mr. Nimal Wijenayaka, District Secretary of Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, Additional District Secretaries Ms. G.D.L. Udayakumari and Mr. S.B. Udowita, Secretary of the Mediation Boards Commission Mrs. Rajani Athapaththu, Divisional Secretaries, Members of Pradeshiya Sabhas, Mediation Officers attached to the Divisional Secretaries, Principals and the members of Mediation Boards were present at the event.

1A practical training programme, for the officers of District Secretariat on how to avoid fire related accidents and proper use of fire extinguishers, was conducted at the District Secretariat premises on 02.07.2019.

This Programme was conducted by Mr. Muditha Manjula Assistant Director of District Disaster Management Centre with the instructions of the District Secretary Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama. Staff Grade and other officers at the District Secretariat were participated in this programme which was carried out  by the officers of the fire brigade unit of the Municipal Council, Ratnapura as resource persons.  

430An awareness programme was conducted for urban school service vehicle owners and drivers as well as Three Wheeler drivers in Ratnapura District, at Siri Visuddharama Piriven Viharaya at Muwagama ,Ratnapura, on 27.06.2019, in line with the National Drug Prevention Week. Aware Stickers also were stuck on Three Wheelers, school vans and busses in parallel to this Programme.

A large crowd including District Secretary of Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, Additional District Secretary Ms. Udayakumari, HQI Ratnapura Mr. Rohan Olugala, officers of National Dangerous Drug Control Board and Police officers were present at this programme which was conducted by the District Secretariat Ratnapura. (More pictures, visit to picture gallery)

bloodThe Blood Donation Campaign annually organized by the District Secretariat focusing on the Poson Poya Day was successfully conducted at the District Secretariat on 21.06.2019, with the instructions and guidance of the District Secretary Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama and with the assistance of the Director of the General Hospital Ratnapura Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera together with his staff. Many of the staff of the District Secretariat as well as a number of persons from outside the office were participated in donation of blood. The District Secretary paid her heartfelt gratitude for those who donated blood and supported in many ways.
Additional District Secretary Ms. G.D.L. Udayakumari, Assistant District Secretary Mrs. B.H.S. Dhanawardhana, Administrative Officer Mrs. W.D.C.I. Warnakulasuriya and a large number of members of the staff were present at the event.

20191203 091613Ratnapura District Literary Festival- 2019 was held at the District Secretariat Auditorium on 03.12.2017 chaired by District Secretary, Ratnapura.

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, President of the Sri Lanka Arts Council and Senior Professor Ariyaratne Kaluarachchi, Lecturer of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, veteran musician Mrs. Shriya Kariyawasam and a veteran stage actress Ms. Rathna Lalani Jayakody participated as guest lecturers in this programme.

In addition, staff officers of District Secretariat, Divisional Secretaries in the district as well as prize winners of the Literary Competition were also present.

20191217 125308Appreciation of the Staff Officers of the Divisional Secretariats in the Ratnapura District who have won the National Productivity Awards 2018 was held at the District Secretariat Auditorium under the patronage of Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, District Secretary, Ratnapura on 17.12.2019.

Mr. Gayan Algewaththage, Director of National Productivity Secretariat, Mr. S.B. Udowita, and Miss. G.D.L. Udayakumari, Additional District Secretaries, Mr. manjula Widanaarachchi, Assistant Director and Mr. Isha Rathnakamal, Senior Productivity Officer of National Productivity Secretariat, all Divisional Secretaries, Staff Officer of the District Secretariat together with all Assistant Directors, Accountants, Registrars and Productivity Officers of Divisional Secretariats participated



20200101 08472420200101 095029

   Duties of the first working day of the year 2020 was ceremonially commenced after religious rites and reading out the Oath of Public Service by the District Secretary Mr. Malani Lokupothagama .
  Afterwards, a tree planting programme was conducted. The District Secretary, Additional District Secretaries and all other Staff Officers and other members of the staff participated in the event.

20190916 093854An awareness workshop on election rules and election procedure, for the Members of Local Government Authorities in Ratnapura District and for the candidates who had been defeated at past Local Government Elections, was conducted by the Elections Office Ratnapura at the Auditorium of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council on 16.09.2019.

The Chairman of Elections Commission Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya, Hon. Governer of Sabaragamuwa Province Mr. Dhamma Disanayaka, District Secretary/ Government Agent of Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, Deputy Commissioner of Elections Ratnapura Mr. Suranga Ambagahathenne and the Officers of the Elections Commission together with the Public Representatives of Local Government Authorities participated in the workshop.

20191226 092635A commemorative event was held at the Auditorium of the District Secretariat, under the patronage of District Secretary Malani Lokupothagama, in view of the National Safety Day which was started based on the Tsunami tragedy occurred on 26.12.2004.

The programme was initiated with religious rituals and conducted silence in order to commemorate the people who died in the Tsunami tragedy. The District Secretary briefed the participants about the tsunami experiences and the disaster situation which occurred during her period of service in the Galle District.

The venerable Sangha and clergy of other religions, Miss. G.D.L. Udaya Kumari, Additional District Secretary, Mr. Muditha Manjula Assistant Director (Disaster), Assistant District Secretary, Chief Accountant, officers of the District Secretariat and students of the schools in the district participated.

madem newThe staff of the District Secretariat and all the Divisional Secretariats congratulate Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, Government Agent of the Administrative District of Ratnapura who has become the first Lady officer out of 50 Golden Sri Lankan Women in the field of Leadership and Administration in State Sector at the “ Top 50 Professional and Carrier Women Awards Ninth Edition Sri Lanka and Maldives 2019” Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony was held with the participation of Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Sri lanka Mr. Karu Jayasuriya and other distinguished guests. This Ceremony was jointly organized by the Women in Management (WIM) and International Finance Corporation with assistance of Australian government.

Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama holds a Special Degree in Economics from the University of Colombo and a Masters Degree in Economics from the university of Kelaniya. In addition to that, she has followed the Diploma in Public Management and Good Governance at H.I.S. University in Netherland.

Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama who joined the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service on 23.08.1987, made her first appointment in a school situated in a hard area in the Puttalam District. She joined the Sri Lanka Administrative Service as an Assistant Divisional Secretary of Akmeemana Divisional Secretariat in Galle District. Thereafter she served as the Assistant Divisional Secretary of Yakkalamulla from June 2003 up to 21 July 2005, as the Divisional Secretary of Bope Poddala from 22.07.2005 to 15.01.2012. During her tenure as the Divisional Secretary at Bope Poddala Division, she won numerous productivity awards and ISO 9001 certification in 2011. Moreover, she has performed as acting Divisional Secretary in several Divisional Secretariats in Galle District during her period of office as the Divisional Secretary of Bope Poddala. She has performed in capacity of Additional District Secretary of the Administrative District of Galle from 01.06.2012 to 30.11.2016 and as acting District Secretary of Galle from 08.09.2015 to 21.05.2016. She is rendering a great service to the public in capacity of the Government Agent of the Administrative District of Ratnapura from 01.12.2016 up to date.

Similarly, Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, having engaged in disaster relief services being in-charge of Habaraduwa area in Galle, at the time of Tsunami the recent tragedy occurred on 26.12.2004 in Sri Lanka states that she has acquired a vast experience and knowledge on disaster management and relief services, and that such experience helped to work in the Ratnapura District which is constantly in distress.

The Staff of the District Secretariat of Ratnapura wishes Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, the Government Agent of Ratnapura to be healthy and happy to remain at the forefront of the public service for decades to serve the Sri Lankan citizens.

IMG 1176The Sabaragamuwa Province ceremony, in parallel with the national event of inauguration of one day service for land registration and issuing Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates with new safe method according to international standards, was ceremonially held at the District Secretariat, Ratnapura on 16.3.2019 with the patronage of District Secretary.

Additional District Secretaries, Staff of the District Secretariat, Deputy Mayor, Divisional Secretaries together with Assistant Divisional Secretaries, Attorneys , Notaries in the District, District Registrar and District Marriage/ Birth/ Death Registrars as well as Additional District Registrars of Divisional Secretariats attended this event.

20191203 153459

A felicitation ceremony was organized at the District Secretariat Auditorium on 03.12.2019 to congratulate the Government Agent Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama who was awarded with the ‘Golden Woman in the field of Leadership and Administration in the State Sector 2019’ which was organized by the IFC.

The ceremony was organized by the Staff and other officersof the District Secretariat and the Chief incumbent of Gauthama Sri Padasthana, Most Rev. Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Nayaka thero and the Maha Sangha, all the Divisional Secretaries in the district, staff and other officer of the District Secretariat, DIG Ratnapura and officers of the Provincial Council Sabaragamuwa were present at the ceremony.

img 2340The second programme organized in the Ratnapura District in parallel with the accelerated programme of distribution of hundred thousand government land grants, with the objective of protecting land rights of the people in conformity with the state policy to utilize the land resource as to achieve a greater economic benefits while ensuring a better life for the public, was recently (28.07.2019) conducted with the patronage of the Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Hon. Ranil Wickemasinghe at the Mahaweli Office Stadium, Embilipitiya. Land Grants were awarded for 2500 people in Ratnapura District.

This event was graced by the political authority preceded by the Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms Hon. Gayantha Karunathilaka, Minister of justice and Prison Reforms Hon. Thalatha Athukarala, Ratnapura District MPs Hon. A.A. Wijethunga and Hon. Hesha Withange as well as Public Officials preceded by District Secretary of Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama. Benefitted members of the public were also present at the event.