156580594 1383662758641483 3735876641483774732 oMrs. P.G.N. Weerasuriya inaugurated as the new Divisional Secretary of Kalthota . Former Assistant Divisional Secretary of Kolonna Mrs. P.G.N. Weerasuriya (SLAS), amid the blessings of Maha Sangha and in the presence of Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama the District Secretary/Government Agent , inaugurated as the new Divisional Secretary of Divisional Secretariat Kalthota which was established by the Gazette Extra Ordinary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka bearing No. 2147/28 and date 29.10.2019.

This office, on the 07th April, 2018 was nationalized as a sub office executed under the Divisional Secretariat Balangoda and duty covered by Mr. H.M. Hemantha Bandara the Divisional Secretary of Balangoda.

Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, government Agent of Ratnapura, introducing the new Divisional Secretariat, explained that this domain covers 94 square kilo metres in area and 14,734 individuals in 4,108 families .

The number of Grama Niladari Divisions in the Divisional Secretary’s Division is 12 namely; Kalthota – no.258, Medabedda -258B, thanjan thenna -258C, Kuragala – 258F, Neluyaya – 258E, Uggal Kalthota Left Bank -Left- 259, Uggal Kalthota Left Bank- Right – 259A, Diyawinna -260A, Welipathayaya – 260B, Molamura – 260C, Kalupedigama – 260E, Kongahamankada – 260F.

There is more than 30 kilo metres distance to Balangoda town from those GN Divisions. Moreover, the majority of the people in this area engaged in agriculture as a living. People living in those G.N. Divisions have proceed to Balangoda town traveling a long distance in order to obtain all services they need until the establishment of the new sub office of the Divisional Secretariat on 07.04.2018.

Accordingly, with the establishment of new Divisional Secretariat under a Divisional Secretary having expanded the Divisional Secretariat sub office enabled to render a full time service regarding every type of services that can be provided to the members of public living in the area. It may be a great comfort to the people. the Government Agent further added that the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Engineering Services Office has been assigned to prepare plans for the construction of all completed new building for the new Divisional Secretariat and that the Department of Management Services has approved the cadre required for the office.

The Maha Sangha lead by Rev. Welipatha Shasanawansha Thero, the President of Kalthota Shasanarakshaka Bala Mandalaya and the chief incumbent of Sri Abhinavaramaya, Willara, Welipatha, Budugala Somarathana Thero, the chief incumbent thero of Budugala Raja Maha Viharaya, Kalthota, and public officers including Mr. H.M. Hemantha Bandara Divisional Secretary of Balangoda and Mr. Amila Wijerathna Divisional Secretary Kolonna were present at the occasion.