10A tree planting programme, organized by the Divisional Secretaiat Kuruwita as directed by the District Secretariat in parallel with the World Environment Day, was conducted today (30.07.2020) at the Bopath Samadhi Dharmayathanaya, Bopath Ella, Kuruwita with patronage of the District Secretary/ Government Agent Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama.

The chief incumbent of the Bopath Samadhi Dharmayathanaya Rev. theppanawe Piyadassi (B.A.) Thero, the Buddhist Affairs Coordinator of Divisional Secretariat Kiriella Rev. Ihalagalagama Uditha (B.A.) Thero, the Divisional Secretary, the Assistant Divisional Secretary and the Assistant Director of Planning Kuruwita , the Assistant Director of the Provincial Central Environmental Authority and public officers as well as the residents were present at the occasion.

In the meantime, the District Secretary made a visit in Bopath Ella area and had a cordial conversation with residents and the officers regarding their problems.