0102District Secretary Ratnapura, Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama stated that determination, goal as well as commitment are must to achieve one’s life. She made these comments addressing the opening ceremony of the confectionery village Amupitiya in Eheliyagoda on the 6th of February 2010.

This confectionary village is a production house project for thirty selected entrepreneurs in the Amupitiya confectionery village in the Eheliyagoda Divisional Secretariat Division, jointly with the District Secretariat Ratnapura, Ratnapura District Small Enterprises Development Division under the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the International Labor Organization with the patronage of the Japanese government.

The District Secretary further stated, "First of all I am very happy today having such a project to Ratnapura District. I want to thank all of you who contributed to this noble cause. Confectionery is one of the most important markets we have yet not recognized. We must produce everything possible in our country. It is then that the national economy is strengthened. The Amupitiya confectionery village which was opened today has a long journey to proceed. It is not a journey to go by flower beds alone. On this journey you will encounter rock, forest, thorns etc. After crossing difficult terrain, you will find a carpet road that is easily travell. Keep that goal and screen determination in mind and move on. Then your economy will be strong in a few years. Also, get your next generation involved in the production of sweets. It doesn't have to end here.

Upcoming Sinhala and Tamil New Year will bring a good market for the confectionery. Create a good brand as ‘Amupitiya for Sweets’. Then you can go a long journey in this field. ‘Hela Bojun’ in our country is one such brand. The staff at Hela Bojun is very hospitable to the customers. Such quality is also very important to this sector. A lot of people have won their lives through ‘Hela Bojun’. Bring this confectionery village to that level. I believe you have that capacity. These officers will give the necessary guidance. You should reach this level of marketing not only in our country but also internationally. That is our expectation. ”
Mr. M.A.B.V. Bandaranayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Mrs. D.M. Malani, Chief Secretary, Sabaragamuwa Province, Mr. Saman Waduge, Additional Secretary (Youth Affairs) of the State Ministry of Youth Affairs and Mr. Anura Ranasinghe, Additional Secretary (Planning) Ministry of Youth Affairs, Mr. Sudheera Jayaratne, Director (Small Business Development) Dr. Thomas Kring, Chief Technical Advisor of the International Labor Organization, Mr. W.P. Samanthilaka, District Director (Planning),a and the Divisional Secretary of Eheliyagoda, as well as Public Officers and entrepreneurs of Amupitiya Confectionery Village participated in this event.