bloodThe Blood Donation Campaign annually organized by the District Secretariat focusing on the Poson Poya Day was successfully conducted at the District Secretariat on 21.06.2019, with the instructions and guidance of the District Secretary Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama and with the assistance of the Director of the General Hospital Ratnapura Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera together with his staff. Many of the staff of the District Secretariat as well as a number of persons from outside the office were participated in donation of blood. The District Secretary paid her heartfelt gratitude for those who donated blood and supported in many ways.
Additional District Secretary Ms. G.D.L. Udayakumari, Assistant District Secretary Mrs. B.H.S. Dhanawardhana, Administrative Officer Mrs. W.D.C.I. Warnakulasuriya and a large number of members of the staff were present at the event.