1The role with regard to the children should be as to promote accountability rather present with mere statistics . -Mr. S.B. Udowita, Attorney at-Law and Additional District Secretary of Ratnapura.

Mr. S.B. Udowita, Additional District Secretary of Ratnapura insisted that he expected the role of the relevant officers with regard to the children and presentations should be as to promote accountability and to achieve its basic objectives without limiting to cast mere statistical information. He stated this attending the District Children’s Committee conducted at the District Secretariat, Ratnapura on 20.08.2019.

He further stated that there are hidden facts which caused the matters other than mere figures. How much can we contribute to the safety of the children by openly discussing the hidden facts and making the committee aware of them?

What an injustice would be taken place, if a single child subjects to any predicament or abuse or rape despite there are such number of officers for their safety? We all should ascertain as the guardian of the children and decide whether to keep silent or perform the assigned duties for the sake of such children. We should be vigilant and also be caution.

He further added that we should consider the extent to which we have fulfilled our responsibility towards children, and whether the children are safe. All of us should work together to identify the issues that impact the safety of children and propose solutions and actions that will work in harmony with them.

The District Children’s committee was organized by Mrs. B. Hasanthi Thanuja District Child Rights Promotion Officer, under the guidance of District Secretary of Ratnapura Mrs . Malani Lokupothagama. Divisional Secretaries, Child Rights Promotion Officers in the Divisions, Police Officers and many other public officers were attended to the event.