A campaign of distributing stickers and leaflets to make aware the people who are vulnerable to high and medium risk situation due to flood was organized by the District Disaster Management Centre and the Divisional Secretariat Ratnapura and conducted today (28.05.2020) with the precedence of the Hon. Governer of Sabaragamuwa Province Mr. Tikiti Kobbekaduwa and the District Secretary/ Government Agent Ratnapura Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama.
The campaign was focused on the houses situated in the area with high and medium flood risk in Kapugampitiya village in Devalayagawa Grama Niladari Division in the Divisional Secretary’s Division of Ratnapura.

A concurrent distribution of instruction leaflets was also taken place to prevent Covid – 19 pandemic. Hon. Governor Mr. Tikiri Kobbekaduwa, The District Secretary Mrs. Malani Lokupothagama, the Additional District Secretary Miss. G.D.L. Udayakumari, Divisional Secretary Ratnapura Mrs. Pradeepika Ilukkumbura, the Assistant Director of District Disaster Management Centre Mr. Muditha Manjula, District Irrigation Engineer Mr. Aruna Samarathunga, HQI Ratnapura IP Rohan Olugala and officers in the Divisional Secretariat and the District Disaster Management Centre participated in the event

A similar programme was conducted in the flood prone areas such as D.S. Divisions of Eheliyagoda, Kuruwita, Kalawana, Ayagama, Kiriella, Elapatha, Pelmadulla and Nivithigala in parallel to this programme.