Date Day Duty to be Performed Deviation
1 Sunday Inspection of sudden disasters and projects

Ratnapura, Galabada,Elapatha, Hangamuwa

2 Monday

Progress Review Meeting on construction of the new building and attending to office duties

District Secretariat
3 Tuesday

Divisional Secretaries’ Meeting

Divisional Secretariat, Embilipitiya

4 Wednesdy Public Day

District Secretariat

5 Thursday

Expected to take private leave

6 Friday


7 Saturday 


8 Sunday 

Inspection of  CRIP projects 

Kalawana, Ayagama


Field day of mechanization of paddy cultivation and attending to office duties

Paddy Field at Udathula, Pelmadulla and  District Secretariat
10 Tuesday 

Grama Shakthi

Divisional Secretary’s Division of Kolonna
11 Wednesday 

Public Day

District Secretariat


Appear before the Supreme Court trial

13 Friday (P.H)

The Final Randoli Procession of Saman Devalaya

Saman Devalaya, around Ratnapura
14 Saturday

‘Diya Kepeema’ Ceremony and the Day Procession of Saman Devalaya

Saman Devalaya – around Ratnapura
15 Sunday

CRIP projects

Elapatha, Ayagama
16 Monday

Attending to office duties and Discussion on acceleration of the Ellewewa project affairs

District Secretariat
17 Tuesday

Inspection of Grama Shakthi Projects

Pelmadulla Division
18 Wednesday

Public Day

District Secretariat

19 Thursday

District Agriculture Committee and District Environment Committee

District Secretariat

20 Friday 

Attending to office duties and projects affairs

District Secretariat

21 Saturday

Progress Review Meeting of Gam Peraliya

District Secretariat

22 Sunday

CRIP Projects

District Secretariat, Kalawana
23 Monday

District Coordinating Committee and Attending to office work

Divisional Secretariat, Ratnapura and District Secretariat
24 Thursday

Examining public issues

Divisional Secretary’s Division of Imbulpe

25 Wednesday

Public Day

District Secretariat
26 Thursday Project affairs Godakawela, Embilipitiya
27 Friday

Office duties an Field duties

District Secretariat and Palabaddala
28 Saturday

Inspection of projects

Divisional Secretary’s Division of Eheliyagoda
29 Sunday

CRIP Projects

Ratnapura, Elapayha, Ayagama
30 Monday

Attending to office work

District Secretariat